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RappaTools3 Interface RappaTools3 Sub Object Loop Ring Grow Selection Shrink Selection Multi Hide Dot Loop + Save Similar Adjacent Fill / Fill Hole Select Half Material ID Editable Poly Objects Actions Mirror X Y Z Flow Connect Ring Connect Chamfer OP Brushes Slide Push Quick Tools Bridge Planar Relax Remove Smoothing Groups Loop Tools Verts Tools Move 2 Grid Move 2 Grid Copy / Paste Add Modifier Quick Create Cams & Lights View Tools Materials Render Isolation Mode Expert Mode Tools Random Fly

RappaTools 3 Quick Guide

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Every button / function can be assigned to a keyboard shortcut, custom toolbar, quad menu or used in your custom tool / interface. There are 380+ MacroScripts.

If you want to dock the interface just RightClick the title then choose Dock Left / Dock Right:

Interface Right Click

Special thanks to:

  • Borislav Petrov 'Bobo'
  • Carl-Mikael Lagnecrantz
  • David Mackenzie 'Dave'
  • Denis Trofimov 'denisT'
  • Enrico Gullotti 'SyncViewS'
  • Felix Joleanes
  • James Kelly 'focomoso'
  • Johan Boekhoven 'JHN'
  • Josef Wienerroither 'spacefrog'
  • Laszlo Sebo
  • Marco Brunetta
  • Marius Silaghi 'obliviboy'
  • Neil Blevins 'soulburn3d'
  • Paul Neale 'PEN'
  • Pete Addington 'LoneRobot'
  • Richard Annema 'ZeBoxx2'
  • Rotem Shiffman 'lo'
  • Shane Whitehead 'RustyKnight'
  • Stefan Hahnlein 'toxis'
  • Tim Jones
  • Vojtech Cada 'Swordslayer'