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    RappaTools3 will make your life easier by helping you get things done easy and fast in your everyday tasks that go in 3ds Max.

    What's new (1444 aka 3.1):

    • - Added Auto Connect Bridge.
    • - Added SmartQuads.
    • - Various interface changes.
    • - Usability and Speed improvements.
    • - Minor fixes and 3ds max 2014 support.

    What's new (1425):

    • - Changed install path to userscripts.
    • - Speed improvements.
    • - IsolationMode now hides helpers.
    • - Added TimeSlider tool, see ViewportTools or macros.
    • - Fixed some bugs.

    What's new (1406):

    • - New interface and new dialogs.
    • - Added gridDeform.
    • - Added Align/Scale/Rotate that contains 'Move to Point', 'Points Aling', 'Set Object Scale', 'Set Object Height'and 'Rotate Around Point'.
    • - Added Brushes (standard, move, smudge, inflate, pinch, relax, noise).
    • - Added to Similar select instances if SubObjectLevel = 0.
    • - Added 'SplineRefine' to Verts Tool.
    • - Added Silhouette View.
    • - Spline Bridge update.

    Here are some of the benefits you get:

    • Get 3 Interfaces, with over 300+ Macroscripts and 200+ features.
    • Intuitive hotbox access for a faster workflow.
    • With AutoConnectBridge and SmartQuads significantly increase the modeling speed.
    • With gridDeform produce realistic looking animation and models.
    • With ChamferOp produce great topology without pinching.
    • Replace tedious tasks with one click of a button.
    • Never struggle again with the ribbon.
    • Have everything in one place for quick access.
    • You will produce better results in less time.
    • Free Updates and Support.
    • Automatic update system.

    Click the button below to buy RappaTools3 scripts right now for only 39€

    Buy RappaTools3

    To Install simply drag the received mzp file in the viewport.

    RappaTools3 is compatible with 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design starting with version 9 Sp1+ (x86 and x64).

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    RappaTools2 is a free modeling toolset for 3ds Max (9 Sp1 +), download and experience the power of this free maxscript yourself.

    Soon the rappatools2 source code will be uploaded !!!


    To Install simply drag the downloaded mzp file in the viewport.

    RappaTools2 is compatible with 3ds Max 9 Sp1+, 3ds Max 2008, 3ds Max 2009, 3ds Max 2010, 3ds Max 2011, 3ds Max 2012 (x86 and x64).

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    ScreenShooter It's my personal script build in AutoHotKey.

    When you open the 'program', it will create a new folder where it saves the images ( 1,2,3... )... every time you open it, it will create a new folder... If you don't take any screenshoots the folder will be deleted when you close it...

    Used: autohotkey.com/forum/topic50675.html


    Tested in Windows 7 x64 Only !

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    BambooSwitcher - quickly change the monitor with Tilda (`).

    Made this since Wacom won't include this feature for the Bamboo tablets...


    Tested in Windows 7 x64 with Bamboo MTE-450 Only !